GuanYin 100 Divinations Download Latest APK Version 1.4

GuanYin 100 Divinations Download Latest APK Version 1.4

Description of GuanYin 100 Divinations

This app provides an English interpretation of the GuanYin divination lot drawn from the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple in Bugis.

Simply select the lot number on the app to display the corresponding English translation of the divination verse as well as its interpretation.

What is a GuanYin Divination?
A GuanYin divination is a buddhist/taoist ritual to seek an answer to a single question or plea from Bodhisattva GuanYin. The ritual requires a divination cylinder containing 100 numbered bamboo sticks and a pair of “wooden moon blocks” called 筊杯. The moon block is a moon-shaped block of wood with a rounded side and a flat side.

A divination (求签)is performed after praying to Bodhisattva GuanYin. The devotee takes the divination cylinder and moon blocks before the altar. The moon blocks are first thrown to see if GuanYin is ready to take the devotee’s plea. Toss the moon blocks until a flat side and a rounded side are faced up. (求签之前,先确认神明是否在案前,需求得一圣杯,若求到阴杯或是笑杯,则再重覆此步骤。)

Devotees consults GuanYin with a single question or plea in mind, while shaking the cylinder until a single stick falls out. Next a pair of moon blocks are tossed to confirm the validity of the divination lot.

-The lot is valid if one flat side and one rounded side are faced up, the devotee’s question is answered by the lot.
(「圣筊」:呈现一凸、一平,表示 神明圣裁「对、好、可以」。)

-The lot is denied if both rounded sides are faced up, the devotee’s question should not be asked again in the near future.
(「阴筊」:呈现凸、凸,表示 神明圣裁「不对、不好、不可以」。依循传统,凡是重大事情获阴筊时,不宜于短期内再请筊。)

-The lot is undecided if both flat sides are faced up, the devotee’s question is not concise or is undecided. The devotee may redraw the lot again. This may also appear If the devotee already have an answer in mind or knows that the time is not right.

Once a valid lot is confirmed, the devotee can retrieve a divination slip containing the divination verse (签诗) corresponding to the lot number from the temple. Every verse is a 28 words poem with a particular meaning associated to it. This verse can then be interpreted from the free books in the temple (in English and Chinese).

The Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho temple is a popular place of worship located in Bugis, Waterloo street, Singapore. The temple is dedicated to the Bodhisattva GuanYin, also revered as the Goddess of Mercy. Many devotees flock to the temple to give offerings to the Goddess, pray for peace and to request for a divination lot.
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App Information of GuanYin 100 Divinations

App Name GuanYin 100 Divinations
Package Name angelandroidapps.twitch.guanyin100divinations
Version 1.4
Rating ( 20 )
Size 3.0 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Updated 2018-04-17
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